Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome to More Than a Map

More Than a Map is an unofficial blog about Google Maps! The purpose of this blog is to help others learn how to use Google Maps and the many API's available to build incredible online maps.

I chose the name "More Than a Map" because that is how Google refers to Google Maps. It truly is more than a map! It is an interactive experience that brings the world to your fingertips. Google Maps is an incredible tool that can be used to learn about the world around us, show us where things are located, provide us with real time weather and traffic information, and take us anywhere on the globe!

I have been developing web application with the Google Maps API for many years and I think that it is by far the single best mapping tool in the world. Most people don't realize how many API's, tools, and products Google has made available in their family of geospatial products. One purpose of this blog is to list the many products available and to help others decide which product is right for them! Please use and share the information available on this blog and let me know if you find it worth your time!

Happy Mapping!

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